Cloud commerce alliance Demandware and eBay

Demandware en eBay Enterprise announced a new partnership this week. Demandware’s Commerce Cloud and eBay Enterprise’s platform of commerce solutions will be integrated, to create a cloud-based omnichannel solution.

Amazon helps devices refill themselves

Amazon announced the arrival of devices that order their own refills. ‘We want to make customers' lives even easier so they won't run out of items like laundry detergent, pet food or printer ink again’, Amazon devices director Daniel Rausch said.

Wal-Mart: e-commerce and tech teams together

Wal-Mart brings @WalmartLabs and its main technology team under the same organizational umbrella. By doing this, the company hopes to connect its online and offline channels and serve customers more seamless.

Distributors put e-commerce on priority list

While merchants focus on e-commerce rather than store sales, retail chain suppliers have not massive responded to that shift with their own e-commerce channel, a study found. This will be the priority for 2016.

‘Amazon wants to arrange ocean freight'

Amazon registered itself with a federal agency overseeing ocean transportation, a step towards allowing it to serve as an intermediary for suppliers shipping merchandise in or out of the U.S.

E-commerce drives 23% rise in Nike’s direct sales

The major US footwear and sporting goods company Nike has reported a 22.9% rise in its direct-to-consumer revenue to $4.3 billion in 2013 from $3.5 billion in 2012. Internet Retailer estimates the growthrate of Nike's online turnover for 2012 at 30%.


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