How Amazon plans on conquering the online CPG market

CPG has the lowest e-commerce penetration of any major consumer category, mainly due to low margins and high ship-to-weight ratios. Amazon is now set to tackle this sector- and with success, claims a new L2 Insight report released on Wednesdays. Shipping CPG profitably while offering a competitive price seems to be the retail titan’s strategy.

France: One third of online shoppers buy cross-border

According to the latest figures by branch-association FEVAD and research company Mediametrie, the French are less and less reluctant to buy products online. Even groceries are purchased via the internet more frequently, reveal the results of the 2013- e-commerce research. In addition, the French become increasingly adept purchasing across channels and borders.

Half of shoppers believe that stores will become showrooms in future

Whereas technology is heavily converging and influencing consumers’ shopping behaviour, shoppers do not assume that store’s will disappear any time soon. This is apparent from Capgemini’s most recent research - the Digital Shopper Relevancy Report 2014 – which surveyed more than 18,000 digital shoppers from 18 countries.
New results released by IFH Köln indicate that German e-commerce growth still reaches double-digit rates: With a 14 percent growth, the German online retail market reached a total of €43bn.
Mobile commerce is booming in Belgium: Over 55 percent of all online shops are offering their products and services via mobile devices. Mobile commerce is expected to reach a total of €213mn, equaling 9,7 percent of total e-commerce sales, forecasted to reach €2,2bn in 2014. These are the findings of a research study by the Belgian e-commerce association BeCommerce.

Ecommerce Europe: Western European e-commerce market to reach € 204.7 bn in 2014

The Western European B2C e-commerce market is expected to reach a turnover volume of €204.7bn in 2014, representing 49 percent of the total e-commerce turnover in Europe. This is ne of the forecasts published in the latest Western Europe B2C E-commerce Report, published by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for e-commerce in Europe.

YouTube is the conversion champion of social advertising

According to the study Myth-Busting Social Media Advertising by Aol Platforms released on Wednesday, Youtube heads up the ist of conversion performance of social media ads, leaving Facebook and Google and pushing Twitter to the last rank.


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