US, UK and Germany most popular e-commerce shopping destinations

Close to 40 percent of consumers have made at least one cross-border online purchase, indicating that e-shopping from other countries is clearly gaining traction globally. The most popular destinations are the US, the UK and Germany, reveal findings from the 2014 Pitney Bowes Global Online Shopping Study launched on Wednesday. As a result, retailers based in these countries are in a great position to tap into this trend to expand their reach to global buyers, suggests the report.

Who Really Leads in Global E-Commerce Sales?

Not Alibaba but Amazon Inc. is the world’s largest online retailer. This is revealed by a new publication by yStats.com which ranks the world's largest E-Commerce companies based on their official revenues data.

E-commerce in Southern Europe to reach €47.8bn in 2014

The Southern European region, consisting of Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Croatia, Cyprus and Malta, realized a total e-commerce turnover of €40.8 bn in 2013. For the year 2014, an increase to €47.8bn is expected. This is all revealed by the latest Southern Europe B2C E-Commerce Report by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for e-commerce companies.

Wie Sie verschiedene Typen von sehr gut verbundenen Konsumenten anvisieren

Consumers increasingly connect with brands using a range of devices and platforms. Research by Experian has grouped these users into four categories- Social Butterflies, Working Professionals, Gamers, and Everything Tech- in order to help retailers and marketers to better get to know these connected consumers.

Ecommerce Europe: Northern European e-commerce market to reach €36.8bn in 2014

The total Northern European e-commerce economy of goods and services sold online amounted to €33.2 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow to €36.8 billion in 2014. This is one of the results from the new Northern Europe B2C E-commerce Report, published by Ecommerce Europe, the European umbrella organization for online retailers.

E-Commerce share reaches 9,6 percent in DACH region

Online- and distance sellers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland together achieved a turnover of €60bn and reached a share of 9,6 percent of total trade volume in the region. This is evident from new figures that were presented during this year’s etailment summit 2.014 in Berlin by branch associations of all three countries.

Slow or buggy sites drive shoppers to competitors

Slow or buggy sites hurt revenue and brand. Most performance issues today are in the application layer, rather than infrastructure. Shoppers get frustrated by a poor user experience and even go to the competitor’s webshop.


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