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E-Commerce headlines of the week- week 11
Monday 19 March 2012

Every week there are countless interesting news stories about cross-border online trade. E-Commercefacts searches out for you on a daily basis the topics to which we attach the greatest importance. To ensure that you never miss anything, we have compiled together all of last week's news that didn't appear as a dedicated article!

Friday 16 March 2012
Demandware: Stephan Schambach Succeeds With Second IPO- ExcitingCommerce

Miriam Lahage leaves Ebay- Retail Week

Thursday 15 March 2012
How to Reduce Ecommerce Shipping Costs-

Wednesday 14 March 2012
Gap Campaign rethinks old school bus station ads- 

Tablet Users ditch websites that don’t load first time-

Cybermarchés britanniques : la qualité de l'expérience client remise en cause-

Tuesday 13 March 2012
H&M dabbles e-retail-

Banks take decisive action on rising credit card fraud-

Lancer son ecommerce en espagne-

Monday, 12 March 2012
E-Commerce has a promising future in Saudi Arabia- 

Les Trois Quarts des Sites Marchands Sont Involontairement hors la Loi-

Online retailers go head-to-head-

Retail across borders: 6 considerations for international expansion- Blog

How Taobao Bested Ebay in China- Financial Times

Best Buy Puts Former Starbucks Exec Stephen Gillett in Charge of E-Commerce-

Zalando expandiert nach Skandinavien- Google News 

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