"Having access to a 3D printer is going to change many people's lives"
MakieLab is a London based company founded in 2011, building social toys & games from the same dataset, using 3D printing techniques Founder Alice Taylor, who was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us, will be one of our expert speakers at the Global E-Commerce Summit in Barcelona.

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E-Commerce headlines of the week- week 7
Monday 20 February 2012

Every week there are countless interesting news stories about cross-border online trade. E-Commercefacts searches out for you on a daily basis the topics to which we attach the greatest importance. To ensure that you never miss anything, we have compiled together all of last week's news that didn't appear as a dedicated article!

Friday February 17
Groupon Buys Hyperpublic, a Local Data Start-Up- NY Times Bits Blog

iPad Rumble in China: Apple Slaps Amazon, Grapples With Proview- Ecommercetimes.com

Thursday 16 February
Groupon CEO: 'We've cracked the code'- Zdnet.com

E-commerce sales grow 36% for Abercrombie in 2011- Internetretailer.com

Study: retailers Overlooking Tablet and Smartphone Opportunities- DMNews.com

Wednesday 15 February
UPS Acquires European E-Commerce Provider - Joc.com

OZON Snaps Up Russian Shoe Site- Wall Street Journal Blog

Amazon investit 90 Millions de dollars dans un nouvel entrepôt- Ecommercemag.fr

Infographie : Les Tablettes en France en 2012- Ecommercemag.fr

Tuesday 14 February
Google deal for Motorola Mobility gets clearance- NY Times Bits Blog

Rue du Commerce gagne 27% d’audience pendant les soldes- Ecommercemags.fr

Monday 13 February
Paypal Versuch in Singapur: QR Codes in der Ubahn- Internetworld.de

Jetzt legt Thompson richtig los- Internetworld.de

Security hole sees Google Wallet suspended- CBROnline.com

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