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‘Amazon wants to arrange ocean freight'

Amazon registered itself with a federal agency overseeing ocean transportation, a step towards allowing it to serve as an intermediary for suppliers shipping merchandise in or out of the U.S.

Alibaba takes stake in Groupon

Alibaba bought 33 million shares of Groupon, making it the fourth-largest shareholder in the online deals website that has lost 86 percent of its value since going public more than four years ago.

Amazon has plans for own fashion label

Amazon is pushing deeper into creating its private-label apparel. The e-commerce company’s website has numerous openings present in a department labeled ‘Amazon Private Label team.’

Amazon helps devices refill themselves

Amazon announced the arrival of devices that order their own refills. ‘We want to make customers' lives even easier so they won't run out of items like laundry detergent, pet food or printer ink again’, Amazon devices director Daniel Rausch said.

Amazon sales growth slowes, dissapointing investors

Amazon reported earnings for its holiday quarter on Thursday and Wall Street greeted them with pushing its shares down more than 10 percent in after-hours trading. Both its net income and revenue figures missed analysts' estimates.

Best Buy closes marketplace in U.S.

Best Buy opened its site to third-party merchants in 2011, and today it is cutting them loose with the closure of its marketplace business. The closure affects only the US marketplace on BestBuy.com.

Birchbox said it’s cutting 15 percent of staff

Birchbox, a startup that sells subscriptions for personalized beauty samples, said it’s cutting 15 percent of staff and suspending operations in Canada.

Cloud commerce alliance Demandware and eBay

Demandware en eBay Enterprise announced a new partnership this week. Demandware’s Commerce Cloud and eBay Enterprise’s platform of commerce solutions will be integrated, to create a cloud-based omnichannel solution.

Distributors put e-commerce on priority list

While merchants focus on e-commerce rather than store sales, retail chain suppliers have not massive responded to that shift with their own e-commerce channel, a study found. This will be the priority for 2016.

Facebook now provides a host of new brand engagement features

Facebook continues to make a play in e-commerce with a move that positions it as the destination of choice for everyday services, such as ordering food, buying movie and concert tickets, or planning a night out.

First Brexit, now Trump... what’s next?

Britain's vote in June to exit the European Union delivered a shock to global e-commerce. To quote the now U.S. president elect Trump, the reality of his victory has the impact of "Brexit plus plus plus".

How Google's Project Wing could deliver packages

Google’s Project Wing is the code name for the company’s drone delivery service it hopes to launch in 2017. Now a new patent filing from the company reveals how part of Project Wing deliveries could deliver your packages.

JD.com backed an U.S. marketplace for first time

JD.com has quietly backed an online retailer in the U.S. for his battle accross his home borders. The company has invested between 45 million and 55 million dollar in the startup Wish.

More than 122 million people plan to shop online on Cyber Monday

According to the National Retail Federation’s Cyber Monday Expectations Survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics over the weekend, 122 million Americans plan to shop online on Cyber Monday, up from the 121 million who planned to participate last year.

Published by: NRF
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PayPal dives into buy buttons

PayPal has launched a closed beta of its newest product, PayPal Commerce, which helps merchants integrate buy buttons into social media, emails, blogs and more.

Snapchat is diving into e-commerce

Messaging service Snapchat is exploring the possibilities to morph the Sweet-channel into an e-commerce platform.

Target hires an Amazon vet to manage its supply chain

Target Corporation looks to better integrate its stores with its fast growing e-commerce operations by hiring 16 year Amazon veteran Arthur Valdez as its executive vice president.

The EU and U.S. make final adjustments to Privacy Shield

The EU and the U.S. have agreed to final changes to the Privacy Shield (data transfer pact) that is key to transatlantic business, including stricter rules for companies holding information on Europeans and clearer limits on U.S. surveillance.

U.S. call UPU terminal fees into question

The U.S. logged concerns over perceived inequities in current terminal fees that impact the price competitiveness of U.S. goods leading up to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress in Istanbul later this month.

U.S. online purchases could face more taxes

A newly proposed online sales tax strives to settle debate between retailers, U.S. state government and e-commerce companies over how to tax interstate purchases made online.

U.S. Q2-2016 e-commerce sales soar 16%

U.S. e-commerce sales grew 15.8% in the second quarter, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. That’s roughly 8% of total retail sales — 10.9% when factoring out sales of products not normally conducted online.

U.S. seeks to boost digital trade

U.S. to begin deployment of digital trade experts to help U.S. businesses navigate foreign Internet regulations when selling digital products or transferring data abroad.

Uber to begin making same-day deliveries in U.S.

Uber announced plans to begin making same-day deliveries in select U.S. cities for a host of notable brands and retailers, including Nordstrom, Rent the Runway, 1800Flowers, Cole Haan and Google Express.

Wal-Mart: e-commerce and tech teams together

Wal-Mart brings @WalmartLabs and its main technology team under the same organizational umbrella. By doing this, the company hopes to connect its online and offline channels and serve customers more seamless.

Walmart's e-commerce annual sales hit $13.7 billion

Walmart's fourth quarter capped a year of investment. Now the company is hoping e-commerce and a one-Walmart approach to technology delivers customer loyalty and sales.


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