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A final farewell to eBay Enterprise

eBay Enterprise’s merge with Innotrac creates an omnichannel fulfillment company called Radial, and spells the final farewell for the eBay Enterprise brand.

Ads debut on Google's image search

Google has made a move to ensure it's not cut out of the growing mobile commerce trend by launching its own visual shopping ads.

Alibaba steps into the VR world

Alibaba plans for “immersive shopping experience” via virtual reality for its more than 400 million users.

Amazon hires CEO of chatbot startup

Amazon has hired Navid Hadzaad, co-founder and CEO of Angel.ai, a startup that develops chatbots and natural language processing technology.

Amazon makes the checkout free grocery store a reality

On Monday, Amazon took the wraps off Amazon Go, a real-world grocery store that comes with a twist: there’s no checkout process. You just grab the stuff you want and walk out; the order posts to your Amazon account afterwards.

Published by: Wired
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Augmented Reality becomes fashionable

Weren’t able to make it to New York’s Fashion Week on Saturday? Well with the aide of augmented reality tools, at least one of the week’s designers were able to reach potential customers where they were: at the local baristas’ or the couches of their own homes.

B2C Europe and Parcer test drone delivery in Holland

Two Dutch companies employ IoT and an alphabet soup of other technologies that includes GPS and RFID to explore the use of drones for e-commerce package delivery across the Netherlands.

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the supply chain

At the time of its inception some two centuries ago, the supply chain was a revolutionary idea that would improve visibility and control on goods and products as they moved from point A to point B. But the old concept and technology can no longer support today’s production and supply cycles, which have become extremely fragmented, complicated and geographically dispersed.

Published by: TechCrunch
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Bridging the gap between online and in-store promotions

Such a simple thing. Consumers see a promo code or coupon online and visit that very same merchant to shop. Once there, they hit a big brick wall — no place at the physical point of sale to take advantage of those very same discounts and offers.

Published by: PYMNTS
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Businesses seek means to boost brand with Pokémon Go

Pokéman Go, a mobile game that has rocketed to the top of Apple Inc and Android app stores in record time, sends merchants scrambling for strategies to capitalize on its popularity.

Consumers warm up to the idea of chatting with machines

A new study identifies chat — including online chat tools and messaging apps like Facebook Messenger — as the most popular way for consumers to interact with retailers while making a purchase.

Drones launch into rural China on Singles’ Day

JD.com exploits the hype around Singles’ Day to announce expansion of its airborne capabilities with regular drone deliveries to more than 100 routes across mainland China by the first half of 2017.

E-commerce search startup Twiggle scores huge cash infusion

Twiggle may not yet be an omnipresent business name, but the Israeli startup has announced a US$12.5 million funding round lead by Naspsers that should go some way toward putting it on the map.

eBay gets a jump start on VR shopping

After 12 months in the works, eBay and Myer launch a virtual reality department store from Australia this week.

eBay overhauls its marketplace platform this summer

With key technology acquisitions under its belt, eBay CTO says to expect changes to the e-commerce marketplace this year that make the platform more user friendly and relevant for users.

European retailers offer mixed take on innovation

The retail sector has benefitted hugely from the rise of digital platforms, expanding stores’ reach and offering a range of services to earn the loyalty of online buyers. Yet retailers’ innovations don’t always improve the customer experience or their own business efficiency, according to a recent study from eCommera.

Published by: eMarketer
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Facebook makeover makes Offers more attractive

The seemingly ubiquitous social network’s goal of tracking ads all the way through to a customer’s purchase at point-of-sale got a boost this week with a mobile-oriented makeover of its Offers program.

Facebook Messenger now features in-app payments

Facebook’s latest Messenger Platform v1.2 can now be used to make instant purchases using bots. That means Messenger bots can now accept payments directly in the chat without sending users to an external website.

Facebook now provides a host of new brand engagement features

Facebook continues to make a play in e-commerce with a move that positions it as the destination of choice for everyday services, such as ordering food, buying movie and concert tickets, or planning a night out.

Google unveils analytics suite to help map customer journeys

Google Analytics 360 is aimed at enterprise marketers trying to better understand — and connect with — potential customers, regardless of customer preferred device or stage in the browsing or buying process.

Hackers threaten retailers from the inside out

Bad guys know retailers and businesses are working to stay one step ahead of their sophisticated and malicious attacks. To combat this, hackers are looking to gain access to sensitive information by taking a much easier route: using legitimate credentials to go right inside.

Posted by: PYMNTS.com
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How artificial intelligence is changing online retail forever

Artificial intelligence is all around us, from searching on Google to what news you see on social media to using Siri. And with the momentum around AI growing every day, it’s not surprising that some of the most innovative retail sites have recently been experimenting with the use of AI, as well.

Published by: Techcrunch
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IBM buys Expert Personal Shopper from Fluid

IBM has made another acquisition to beef up Watson, a week after it announced a raft of new features and milestones for its artificial intelligence effort: it has acquired a business called Expert Personal Shopper (XPS), a platform, and bot, that holds conversations with people online to help figure out what they need to buy, and to help them buy it.

Published by: TechCrunch
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