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Brexit update: Regulatory uncertainties for the e-commerce sector

The UK vote to leave the EU produces a number of regulatory uncertainties, particularly given the activism of European policymakers in the digital sector.With a number of regulations scheduled to come into force in the near future at European level, it is not fully clear the extent to which they will apply in the UK post-Brexit.

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China introduces imported goods ‘Positive List’

Chine released a positive list for imported goods sold on cross-border e-commerce websites in a bid to help authorities supervise and regulate the fast booming sector.

Delivery drones fly, but won’t spy

U.S. stakeholder come together to develop best practices for privacy, accountability, and transparency issues regarding commercial and private use of drones.

Ecommerce Europe’s recommendations on the Geo-blocking Proposal ahead of the Competitiveness Council meeting

Ecommerce Europe has been in close contact with policy makers to share with them detailed recommendations concerning specific provisions of the draft regulation addressing geo-blocking. In a nutshell, Ecommerce Europe wants to highlight its main remarks on this challenging political dossier that are based on the amendments that the association has recently approved and shared with EU legislators.

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New FAA rules let drones to take flight, within limits

New rules from the Federal Aviation Administration loosen restrictions on commercial use of drones but don’t go as far as allowing drone delivery services like those proposed by Amazon and Google.

The EU and U.S. make final adjustments to Privacy Shield

The EU and the U.S. have agreed to final changes to the Privacy Shield (data transfer pact) that is key to transatlantic business, including stricter rules for companies holding information on Europeans and clearer limits on U.S. surveillance.

U.S. call UPU terminal fees into question

The U.S. logged concerns over perceived inequities in current terminal fees that impact the price competitiveness of U.S. goods leading up to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) Congress in Istanbul later this month.

U.S. online purchases could face more taxes

A newly proposed online sales tax strives to settle debate between retailers, U.S. state government and e-commerce companies over how to tax interstate purchases made online.

U.S. SEC investigates Alibaba’s accounting methods

U.S.-listed Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba disclosed Wednesday that it is being investigated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over its accounting practices and whether there have been any violations of the U.S. securities laws.


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