Editor's picks

  • Facebook Messenger bot

    Facebook adds e-commerce enrichment features to Messenger bots

    Facebook makes it easier for businesses and consumers to communicate with each other via Messenger.  

  • AR study
    Consumers increasling influenced by augmented reality

    New research from experimental marketing company Interactions indicates consumers react favorably to the presence of augmented reality (AR), both in-store and online. 

  • visa paywave
    Use of mobile payments triples across Europe


    European consumers increasingly turn to their smartphones, tablets or wearable devices for the pourchase of goods and services. 

Welcome to Barcelona!

www.e- commercefacts.com first sees the light of day ! So now it is finally here: Here, at the Global E-Commerce Summit 2011, a group of visionaries and decision makers of international e-commerce has gathered to share new ways of working and opportunities and their vision for the future prospects of e-commerce. And of course it's also about challenges that are often just as dynamic and fast-changing as the market itself.

French online sales drop by 1.83% in one month

After a first quarter in 2011 that marked a slowdown in the growth of online sales ("only" +15% between the first quarters 2010 and 2011, according to JDN, the quarterly e-commerce index), the dynamism of the French e-commerce sector seems to have suffered slightly from the sunny weather in April.

Credit Agricole acquires a stake in Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops offers retailers a combination of quality labelling, certification, a consumer rights guarantee and financial protection for purchases. This comprehensive package elicits a very positive response in the sector.

Belgium organises "Day of the Webshop"

On 21st June 2011 the first "Day of the Webshop" (Dag van de webshop) will take place in Belgium. On this date, hundreds of participating online stores will feature a unique special offer, valid on this one day only.

"The merger of IAB and EIAA is an alliance of interests"

In an interview with the French news portal Journal du Net, Alain Heureux, president of IAB Europe explains why the merger of the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) and the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe (IAB) was a necessary step.

E-Commerce: national-based pages are still customer favourites

Internet users in France, Great Britain, Germany and the U.S. have voted in an OC&C survey on the "most attractive" websites. Users who had visited an online shop in the past three months were surveyed in this way. And although the US-based Amazon is the clear leader in all four countries, local websites generally score well above average.

Wal-Mart takes a step into the Chinese market

Wal-Mart has taken a minority stake in Chinese group Yihaodian, an online business specializing in consumer electronics, clothing, groceries and baby products. The amount of the transaction was not disclosed but the announcement itself is sufficient to illustrate the undeniable fact that China is "the new frontier" of electronic commerce and it will only be a matter of time before we witness the rush of other U.S. distribution giants. In what could be the start of a quickly-escalating and widespread trend, Walmart announced late last week that it has bought a minority stake in Chinese e-tailer Yihaodian, which specializes in consumer electronics, apparel, groceries and baby products.

BrandAlley seeking funds for its European expansion

BrandAlley , the members-only online sales site has increased its sales by 64.4% in 2010 to £86.9m. The pioneer and specialist in online sales of designer brands, offering 1,250 brands across all its sites, now seeks to raise €100m in order to continue its expansion into new European countries and into new e-commerce segments

German barometer of electronic payments: foreign online sales are increasing

The internationalization of electronic commerce – the way forward to higher business volumes – is on the march. According to a survey conducted by ibi research / Der Handel / Mastercard, 54% of German sites which sell online are actively seeking to attract international clients by offering, among other things, sites customized for different markets.


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